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School Year Calendar

Academic School Year 2023~2024 

SC: San Carlos, CB: Campbell , DC: Daly City

Monday Aug 14th 2023---------------------------First day of school (CB, SC, DC)

Monday Sep 4th 2023-------------------------------Labor Day (No School)

Monday Oct 9th 2023-------------------------------In-Service Day (No School for children)

Friday Nov 10th 2023--------------------------------Veterans Day (No School)

Nov 20th - 24th 2023---------------------------------Thanksgiving week (No School)

Dec 21st - Jan 3rd 2024----------------------------Winter Break (No School)

Monday Jan 15th 2024-----------------------------Martin Luther King Jr Day (No School)

Feb 8th & 9th 2024--------------------------------------Parents and Teacher Conference Day (No School) SC

Feb 15th &16th 2024---------------------------------Parents and Teacher Conference Day (No School) CB

Monday Feb 19th 2024----------------------------Presidents’ Day (No School)

Tuesday Feb 20th 2024-----------------------------Parents and Teacher Conference Day (No School) DC

Friday March 8th 2024-------------------------------Teacher Development Day (No school for children)

April 1st - 5th 2024---------------------------------------Spring Break (SC & CB)

April 8th - 12th 2024-----------------------------------Spring Break (DC)

Monday May 27th 2024--------------------------Memorial Day (No School)

Friday June 7th 2024------------------------------------Last day of school

Academic School Year 2024~2025 

SC: San Carlos, CB: Campbell , DC: Daly City

Aug 19th (Mon) 2024---------------------------------First Day of School (CB, SC and DC)

Sep 2nds (Mon) 2024---------------------------------Labor Day (No School)

Oct 13th (Sun) 2024------------------------------------Sunday Brunch

Oct 14th (Mon) 2024----------------------------------Columbus Day (No School)

Nov 11th (Mon) 2024--------------------------------Veterans Day (No School)

Nov 25th - 29th 2024--------------------------------Thanksgiving Week (No School)

Dec 23rd - Jan 3rd 2024---------------------------Winter Break (No School)

Jan 6th  (Mon) 2025-------------------------------------First day of school of 2025

Jan 20th (Mon) 2025-----------------------------------Martin Luther King Jr Day (No School)

Feb 6th - 7th (Thu and Fri) 2025------------SC Parents and Teacher Conference Day (No School) SC

Feb 13th - 14th (Thu and Fri) 2025------CB Parents and Teacher Conference Day (No School) CB

Feb 17th (Mon) 2025----------------------------------President’s Day (No School)

Feb 18th (Tue) 2025-------------------------------------DC Parents and Teacher Conference Day (No School) DC

Mar 7th (Fri) 2025-----------------------------------------Teacher’s Development Day (No School for children)

March 31st - April 4 2025-----------------------Spring Break (SC and DC)

April 7th - 11th 2025-----------------------------------Spring Break (CB)

May 26th (Mon) 2025--------------------------------Memorial Day (No School)

*The School Yearly Calendar is subject to change for any reason.

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