Welcome to Sora International Preschool

Where a glowing SMILE is founded in children

We inspire confidence, ability, and potential in children for the future of the world

"Sora", meaning the sky, is symbolic of the borderless societies and unlimited possibilities in the future of the children.
Here at Sora International Preschool, we nurture the SMILE of children to light up their futures.

私たちは、未来に向けて羽ばたく子どもたちの笑顔 - SMILE を育てます。

Sora's SMILE Stands for...
S - Social Skills: The students learn appropriate communication skills that are essential to establish decent relationships with diverse individuals.

M - Manners: The students learn to make manners, in the form of greetings and table manners at meals, an ingrained habit.

I - Interests: The students learn to value their curiosity, initiate learning opportunities on their own, and express themselves, which fosters an attitude that opens up possibilities for their futures.

L - Languages: The students develop global awareness through learning multiple languages and understanding diverse cultures by being exposed to them.

E - Enthusiasm: The students develop a proactive attitude while building confidence and driving themselves to pursue their interests.