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The following documents are required by the California State Licensing.

Please submit them by a specified date before your child's enrollment.

*New window will open when you click the following links. (except #1and 8)


1.Admission Agreement Form

*This agreement form will be sent to you with Parents Handbook after you receive and accept an offer letter.

2.Notification of Parent’s Rights (LIC995) 

3.Personal Rights (LIC613A) 

4.Identification and Emergency Information (LIC700)

5.Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment (LIC627)

6.Child’s Pre-admission Health History - Parent’s Report (LIC702)

7.Physician’s Report and TB test (LIC701)

8.A copy of your child’s Immunization Record 

*Please make sure your child has done the following immunization before the first day of enrollment.


Please let us know if you have any questions regarding submitting above documents.



Mailing Address:

Sora Preschool San Carlos

356 El Camino Real, San Carlos California 94070

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