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Welcome to Sora International Preschool of Palo Alto and San Carlos!

    Our Preschool is an English- Japanese bilingual preschool. We provide children a great leaning experience in a warm, cheerful, and friendly environment.

    Our mission is to help families who are raising bilingual children as well as those who want their children to begin a second language at an early age.

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3歳以下のお子様はサンカルロスの2歳児プログラム, もしくはロスアルトスにある姉妹校

Sora Classic ArtsのRainbow Classへどうぞ!


Check out our sister school!

Sora International Preschool is a sister school of Sora Classic Arts - Art, Music, and Language in Los Altos

Sora Classic Arts

Art, Music, & Language


Piano Group Lesson Ages 3-5

Birthday Party / Event

Rainbow Japanese Immersion Program Ages2-4



Palo Alto  Lic # 434412409

San Carlos Lic # 414003061

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